A respiratory protection device unique in the world


Complete protection

The first mask that destroys organic pollutants, inactivates microorganisms and filters fine particles

Thanks to the innovative technologies of the AIRXÔM mask, you are fully protected against viruses, bacteria, atmospheric pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds and Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, etc.), fine particles, pollen, mold present in the air.
The AIRXÔM mask is an innovative patented device that also has self-decontaminating properties.

Optimal protection

The various protective barriers have been selected and developed for their specific properties: filtration, destruction, inactivation.
It is their combination and their complementary actions that ensure total protection.


Thanks to its integrated photocatalytic process (emission of UV rays on a catalyst), atmospheric pollutants (VOC, CO, NOx, etc.) are destroyed and micro-organisms (viruses and bacteria) are inactivated. The integration of copper and silver amplifies the photocatalytic action on microorganisms.

Double-flow filtration

The AIRXÔM mask, a real portable air treatment device, purifies and decontaminates the air during inspiration and expiration. Thus, it protects both the wearer of the mask and those around him.

Performance verified by internationally recognized independent laboratories

All the tests were carried out by deposits and/or under air flow.


Tests carried out by the VirexpR Laboratory, according to an experimental protocol adapted from the ISO 210702 standard.

The viral concentrations used for laboratory tests are between one hundred thousand and one million TCID50/cm2. These extreme artificial concentrations (very loaded with virus) will never be encountered in a natural context.
These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the AIRXÔM mask in all circumstances.



destruction in less than 40 minutes



destruction in less than 15 minutes



destruction in less than 15 minutes


Tests carried out by the Conidair Laboratory according to EN-14683 standard.

Staphylococcus aureus


destruction after 120 minutes

Klebsiella pneumoniae


destruction after 40 minutes

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Under airflow in Onepass
Tests carried out at 30 l/min
Tests carried out by the Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais (LNE) on photocatalytic textiles

at 50 nmol/mol

Testing in progress

Nitrogen Monoxide
160 nmol/mol

Testing in progress

50 nmol/mol

Testing in progress

Pre-order available, delivery from September 2022

Optimized ergonomics

Your comfort in complete safety

Ultra breathable

The materials that make up the protective barriers have been selected to guarantee efficiency and the best possible breathability. Their assembly has been designed to guarantee the smallest size with regard to the performance sought.


With a maximum weight of 130 g, the AIRXÔM mask allows long periods of use. The choice to deport the power supply unit was dictated by this desire to ensure the best possible comfort.


The silicone inner membrane of the mask, soft to the touch and perfectly waterproof, ensures optimal comfort and promotes long-term wear. No risk of introducing a virus, bacteria or pollutants in any situation.


The 2 adjustable straps, one of which is magnetic, allow it to be adapted to all body types in an instant.

A responsible approach

Recovery and recycling of masks: AIRXÔM's commitment

The issue of recycling and the environmental impact of the mask is at the heart of our concerns.
AIRXÔM plans to set up a system for recycling mask components.

You will be notified 3 years after the activation date of the mask that it is probably time to change it. You can send it back to us free of charge so that it can be recycled.

You will then benefit from a 25% reduction on the public price for the acquisition of a new mask.

First protect people whose lives depend on the air they breathe.

People with chronic pathologies

Do you have asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? Are you immunocompromised? You are allergic to pollen or mold.

Health professionals

You carry out your activities in high-risk environments: hospitals, medical centers, in contact with fragile or contagious patients, near sophisticated medical equipment. You must protect yourself and your patients effectively.


You get out of breath quickly, you have age-related respiratory problems, you fear poor air quality when traveling.

Public transport users

You regularly use public transport (metro, bus, train, etc.). You have to fly. You regularly cross overcrowded and risky areas (train stations, airports, metro stations, etc.).


You practice a sporting activity in an urban environment (running, cycling, team sports, etc.) and you want to protect yourself against air pollution.

Urban people

You travel in the city center, by motorbike, bicycle, scooter, scooter or on foot. You feel discomfort or you want to protect yourself against the air pollution present in the city.


Free mask recovery and recycling

Free return

Within 30 days

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